Customer Speaks: “It provides a sense of home as its close to my heart because it’s my first home”

Staying in a resplendently designed home is a dream shared by many, including Suhail and Sunnu. Right from the outset, the homeowners of 3 BHK in Prestige Symphony were insistent that their home’s decor should seamlessly accommodate their work-from-home lifestyle. 

While designing, the team engaged in extensive discussions with the family members, completely understanding their needs and aesthetic preferences. It is essential for us to make sure that the client and us are following the same vision. Now, let’s embark on a brief tour of their home.

The living room, bathed in the welcoming ambiance of the hallway, exuded a congenial atmosphere. A graceful marble-textured wooden TV unit graced the space, complemented by open shelves adorned with spotlights for showcasing artifacts. Adjacent to the unit, a plush sofa set beckoned residents to unwind during leisure hours.

Central to the living area was a partition wall thoughtfully designed to demarcate the sofa and dining spaces. This division, crafted in three layers, boasted a top layer with wooden texture, a middle layer featuring a mesmerizing fish tank, and a bottom layer adorned with wooden storage cabinets.

This innovative arrangement not only added aesthetic appeal but also resonated with the couple’s desire for a comforting touch of home away from home in their new city.

In the dining area, simplicity reigned supreme. A minimalist dining table was flanked by a bar unit, precisely as per the homeowners’ request. Soft lighting elements infused the space with a calming aura, enhancing the overall dining experience.

Moving on to the bedroom, a tailor-made bed, complete with a headrest, offered a haven for the industrious couple to unwind. Wall lights graced both sides of the bed, casting a warm, homely glow across the space. The color palette chosen for the room was a flawless match to the clients’ discerning taste.

Upon the completion of the project, Suhail and his family were utterly captivated by the team’s craftsmanship and attention to detail. Their dream home had become a reality, a testament to the commitment of Reminiscent Interiors.

It is believed that home is where the heart is. And Reminiscent makes sure that you get to live in your dream space.

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