Creating spacious washrooms
precisely as you envision it

Creating spacious washrooms precisely as you envision it

Various Styles

Various Styles



Our Approach

Separation of wet and dry area

We separate wet and dry areas to achieve a well-organized washroom. By placing the wet area away from the entrance, followed by the WC, and basin ensures hygiene and ease of use.

Right Fittings

We allow you to choose between two taps or a single knob for your shower design. Two taps offer precise control, while a single knob provides a sleek, modern look.

Internal Plumbing

By updating old plumbing fixtures and rearranging layouts, you can enhance the efficiency and design of a washroom, and thereby prevent water damage, leaks or clogs. 


Enhance bathroom designs by upgrading the cabinetry and woodwork. We replace old cabinets with sleeker designs, install modern fixtures, and smart faucets for style and form.

Sufficient Ventilation

Adequate ventilation is needed to prevent mold and unpleasant odors. Proper ventilation is ensured through exhaust fans or windows, allowing airflow and improved indoor air quality.


Waterproofing prevents water damage, ensuring long-lasting washroom durability and easy repairs. We do this by sealing around fixtures and using water-proof membranes.


Mr. Prasad Shetty TV unit with puja mandir
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“Awesome team from planning to execution! Highly professional and supportive, they understand customer needs and expectations”

Prasad Shetty
Jindal City

Mrs. Surbhi Karnani TV unit with open shelf
Surbhi removebg preview

“Very good quality of work. We met Amit from Reminiscent via our broker and found the work on site to be good.”

Surbhi Karnani
Shobha – Daffodil

Mr.Pallav MBR
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“Great service! I reached out twice in 5 months for minor electrical and carpentry glitches, and they promptly resolved them.“

Pallav Kumar
SNN – Raj Eternia

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