2 BHK Interiors at Wonderwall

2 BHK Interiors at Wonderwall

Project Images

Project Images

Scope of Work

Scope of Work


Welcome to the transformed haven of Mr. Nagendra’s 2BHK apartment at Wonderwall, Sarjapur road, Bangalore, where Reminiscent Interiors has poured heart and soul into curating a space that transcends mere functionality to embody a personalized oasis of comfort and style. This was our most cherished 2 BHK Interiors at Wonderwall project.

Living Room

Step into the living area, and you’re welcomed by a fusion of aesthetics and practicality. The TV unit and Puja unit seamlessly blend into the surroundings, with a wooden-colored louver panel exuding warmth. The TV back panel, adorned with marble laminate, not only serves as a visual delight but also as a conversation starter. It’s a space designed for moments – be it family movie nights or quiet contemplation.


The kitchen, the pulsating heart of this home, is a testament to Reminiscent Interiors’ commitment to making everyday life a seamless experience. The L-shaped modular kitchen is not just a culinary workspace but a reflection of the family’s personality. Storage is abundant, with a tall unit and strategically placed cabinets ensuring that every culinary gadget and spice has its dedicated space.

Master Bedroom

In the master bedroom, where space is a cherished commodity, Reminiscent Interiors has weaved magic. The sliding wardrobe, crowned with a loft, offers both functionality and a touch of contemporary elegance.

An open shelf adorned with a dresser mirror adds a personal touch – a reflection of the individuality of those who call this space their own. The bespoke study unit is an invitation to embrace both work and leisure within the confines of one’s sanctuary.

Kid’s room:

The children’s bedroom is a canvas of creativity, carefully crafted to nurture young minds. The window bay seater, with its storage cabinets, is not just a piece of furniture but a nook for dreams, stories, and endless giggles. It’s a space where imagination takes flight, a personal retreat within the realm of childhood.

Reminiscent Interiors doesn’t just design spaces; they tell stories. Each room is a narrative, a reflection of the dreams and aspirations of those who inhabit it. They invite you to experience the magic of their designs and transform your living space into a canvas of memories and emotions.

They extend an invitation for you to experience the magic of their designs and transform your living space into a canvas of memories and emotions. Let Reminiscent Interiors weave tales within the walls of your home, turning it into a sanctuary that echoes your unique story.





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Actual Site Video

Actual Site Video

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