Home Interiors at Indira Gandhi Housing Colony, Bangaluru

Home Interiors at Indira Gandhi Housing Colony, Bangaluru

Project Images

Project Images

Scope of Work

Scope of Work


Imagine stepping into a haven of luxury and sophistication – that’s exactly what awaits you in our latest project, Home Interiors at Indira Gandhi Housing Colony, Bengaluru for Mrs. Swathi’s. Located in Bannerghatta Road, Hulimavu, this home is a testament to our dedication to transforming dreams into reality.

Living Room: A Statement in Modern Elegance

The living area steals the show with a striking TV unit that takes center stage. Adorned with louvers and a sleek duco finish, it’s further accentuated by ambient LED lighting along the edges. A tall, wall-mounted unit with drawers adds a touch of practical elegance, ensuring functionality doesn’t compromise on style. Look up, and you’ll be greeted by a stunning double-height ceiling adorned with wooden shade louvers – a design element that’s also echoed in the dining area’s false ceiling, creating a sense of visual cohesion throughout the space.

A Serene Space for Devotion and Family Gatherings

Reminiscent Interiors understands the importance of creating designated areas for different purposes. Flanking the living space, beautifully crafted puja mandirs offer a sense of serenity. Featuring CNC panel walls and quartz back panels, these dedicated spaces for prayer exude a calming aura.

Kitchen: Where Style Meets Functionality

The kitchen is the heart of many homes, and Mrs. Swathi’s is no exception. Reminiscent Interiors has created a sleek U-shaped unit that seamlessly blends style and practicality. The black granite countertop provides a striking contrast to the acrylic wall-mounted units, creating a modern aesthetic. A breakfast counter with a hanging light adds a touch of charm, perfect for casual meals, while an aluminum shuttered side wall unit maximizes storage space – a must-have in any kitchen.

A Study with Purpose and a Guest Room with Comfort

The dedicated study area boasts an L-shaped unit with drawers and louvers, providing a perfect environment for focus and productivity. In the guest bedroom, a glass-paneled openable wardrobe offers a touch of sophistication, while the queen-sized bed with a stylish headboard and ample storage ensures a comfortable and welcoming space for visitors.

The Reminiscent Interiors Touch: Detail Makes the Difference

Throughout Mrs. Swathi’s home, you’ll find a constant theme: meticulous attention to detail. From the strategic use of lighting to the seamless blending of textures and materials, each element has been thoughtfully chosen to create a cohesive and luxurious living space. This is the signature touch of Reminiscent Interiors – we believe luxury lies not just in grand gestures but also in the finer details that elevate a space from ordinary to extraordinary.

Ready to Design Your Dream Home?

If you’re looking to transform your own space into a haven of luxury and comfort, Reminiscent Interiors is here to help. Contact us today at +91 99029 80505 or visit www.reminiscent.in to schedule a consultation and discuss how we can bring your dream home to life.



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“The effort that Reminiscent has put into designing our dream space is truly commendable.”

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Actual Site Video

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