Home Interiors at Mahaveer Ranches

Home Interiors at Mahaveer Ranches

Project Images

Project Images

Scope of Work

Scope of Work


Imagine stepping into a home that evokes a sense of timeless elegance and modern functionality. This is exactly what Reminiscent Interiors achieved by doing Home Interiors at Mahaveer Ranches for Mrs. Rutushi’s stunning residence in Sai Sree Layout, Parappana Agrahara, Bengaluru.

Living Area: A Symphony of Light and Space

The heart of the home, the living area, is a masterclass in space optimization and contemporary style. A sleek TV unit takes center stage, featuring a sophisticated laminate back panel adorned with a silver T-patty. Wall-mounted cabinets with a matching laminate finish offer ample storage without compromising on aesthetics.

A Touch of Intrigue: Louvers, strategically placed on one side of the wall, add a touch of intrigue and depth to the space. The pièce de résistance? A tall unit boasting a captivating glass shutter, perfect for showcasing treasured mementos or art pieces.

Ambiance Amplified: The thoughtfully designed peripheral false ceiling isn’t just there for looks. Integrated LED lighting bathes the living area in a warm, inviting glow, creating the perfect atmosphere for relaxation or entertaining.

A Seamless Flow: A beautiful wooden partition seamlessly divides the living space from the foyer area, maintaining an open feel while providing a sense of privacy.

Foyer: A Welcoming First Impression

Step into the foyer, and you’re greeted by a delightful wallpaper that sets the tone for the entire home. A stylish shoe rack with a built-in seater offers a convenient spot to slip on and off shoes, while a strip of LED lighting along the ceiling adds a touch of modern elegance.

Master Bedroom: A Retreat Fit for Royalty

The master bedroom is a haven of luxurious comfort. A plush bed with ample storage, along with matching side tables and elegant wall beading, exudes an aura of regal sophistication.

Storage Solutions in Style: The sleek sliding wardrobe boasts a solid shade glossy laminate finish and a spacious loft, providing ample storage without sacrificing aesthetics. The matt finish painted central ceiling adds a touch of understated elegance.

Opulence Meets Functionality: For those who truly appreciate innovative design, the guest bedroom is a treat. Featuring a hydraulic bed, this ingenious piece of furniture boasts openable wardrobes on both sides, finished in a sophisticated matt laminate. The captivating wallpaper behind the headboard and strategically placed LED lighting create a truly luxurious ambiance.

Kitchen: Culinary Delights Made Easy

The L-shaped kitchen is a delight for any home chef. The sleek granite countertop provides ample workspace, while open shelves offer easy access to frequently used items. For a touch of modern flair, a section of the cabinets features glass shutters with sleek handles, creating a seamless visual flow. This was our successful attempt of Home Interiors at Mahaveer Ranches.

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Reminiscent Interiors can transform your vision into a reality. Whether you’re drawn to modern minimalism or timeless elegance, their team of experts can create a space that reflects your unique personality and lifestyle.

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